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Dating & Love: Valentine’s Day Proposals….Plan 1


Spent a greater part of yesterday (Valentine’s Day cum Lunar New Year) helping couples get engaged and get on the road to holy matrimony.
It was fun, fulfilling but tiring running around under the unforgiving sun yesterday (but hey it could have rained right?). And I have always believed that bringing happiness to others will beget more happiness for myself and my loved ones. So yeah! This year will be a year full of love (hearts for St Val), warmth (it’s sunny), romance (it’s Valentine’s day after all), luck and prosperity (HUAT Arh!).

First we were at Sunset Bay cafe at East coast Park. The carpark was filled to the brim! Hoards of tourists and locals alike were camping and hanging around. We printed t-shirts with the words “Will You?” and got the staff as well as the helpers to wear them and walk around.
“Excuse me! Could you help us get ride of the chocolate fudge underneath the chair?” a Caucasian lady called out to me as I sauntered around in my “Will You?” t-shirt. I was being mistaken for the wait staff who were wearing the same t-shirt.
What to do? I politely listened to what she was saying and assured her that I would get someone to attend to the mess under the chair. And while waiting for the couple to arrive, I was thinking about the harmful UV light that my skin is absorbing as I melt under the glaring sun….

Finally the couple arrives, and we try to walk around them nonchalantly so as to “show off’ our t-shirts and hope that she will start to wonder what “Will You?” After ordering their food and drinks, Gary excuse himself to go to the restroom and that’s when the action begins!

Beth was waiting for him with a “Marry Me” t-shirt outside the toilet and he changed into it while grabbing the bouquet of white lilies that we had prepared for him. Meanwhile, us helpers with the “Will You?” t-shirt walked up to the gal and congratulated her. I beamed while shaking her hand enthusiastically. “Congratulations!” while she smiled awkwardly and looked puzzled.

The mystery is solved when Gary emerges from the toilet wearing his screaming red “Marry me?” t-shirt, walked over to his gal, kneeled down with his ring and flowers and proposed!

She was so surprised that she teared! Our planning was so successful that she did not suspect a thing at all. Ah….I do love a happy ending. Lots of happy photos later, we sent them off  to a romantic Italian dinner at Ricciotti at Riverwalk.



Thank you Bro, Sohan as well as sweet who have so very kindly helped out on this public holiday.
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Invited to Share my experiences as a Dating Consultant at Pond’s Creative Workshop


I woke up really early today, at 7am to attend a Pond’s creative Workshop, as a guest speaker touching on the subject of dating and romance. I was quite excited as this sounds quite fun!  I was perspiring terribly when I  reached the location as I had walked in my 3 inch heels all the way from the MRT, only to found out that I went to the wrong place!

Oh well, it is nothing out of the ordinary for me to those who know me well. =P

The workshop is held in a cosy  shop house, with the participants encouraged to pen down their thoughts and inspirations on post-its, while Lissy (a marriage counsellor with SACAC and I talked about what we do for a living – I match make for Singles and help them to be in a meaningful relationship while Lissy helped couples rekindle romance in ailing marriages.

Had a fun one and half hour, and the chocolate muffin was delicious. =P

Thank you, Charming Eric from effective Brands ( for arranging this. More information on Ponds

can be found on
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