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New Study: Men loves Powerful (and BAD) Women?


Does the modern (emancipated) man really prefers the powerful (and not to mention strong, sexy and BAD) women? A recent research shows “66 per cent of men are most attracted to high-flying females, rising to 71 per cent among 30 to 34 year old men”. A girl who is strong, independent and professional is likely to be far more appealing to the modern male, according to the study.

Frankly I was a little surprised with the results of this study. However I do want to point out that this study was done on British men, and Europeans are purported to be more “modern in outlook, more accepting of gender-equality ideas, and just generally more open-minded about things like that….but still 66-71%??? Angelina Jolies and Megan Fox are in demand now.

“Experts say this is not only due to changing gender roles but due to economic hardship men may also be taking a more traditionally female view and looking for a ‘provider’….”

So it seems now that BOTH the men and women wants someone who is “powerful, Strong and Independent, and Sexy, not to forget, BAD. As a (hopefully) strong and independent modern woman, I do appreciate that my kind is sought after by my male counterparts but eeeewks….I don’t see myself as a ‘provider’ and will I do not think I will take kindly to being perceived as one by the modern man.

A telling point about the allure of such “powerful” women seems to be that they “who have it all have a buzz about them, they are not so readily available and the guys flock to them.’ Confidence is seductive, and it seems now POWER is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

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New Moon, New Swoon – The ultimate fantasy!


Just caught the long-awaited Twilight sequel – New Moon, last Friday night. And of course I am swooning over it. Not for its oscar-worthy dialogue or script or golden horse-worthy directing or acting, but for the kind of timeless chivalry and romance that only a drop-dead gorgeous (pun intended) vampire can pull off.

Edward is hot beyond anything, even though he’s “the cold one”. He’s hot because he wanted to die when he thought Bella was dead. He’s hot because he obviously loved Bella beyond what she can hoped for or understand. “Do you have any idea what you mean to me at all?” Yes cheesy dialogue and flinch-worthy lines are found in abundance in the movie but that didn’t stop us gals from falling for it hook, bait and all.

My fiance was most gracious to buy the tickets for a Friday night show that he obviously wasn’t going to enjoy much. Obviously this was no Spider Man or Batman for him. For someone who devoured the four Twilight books in a few days after catching the first movie, I  knew exactly what was going on across the big screen as I waited almost impatiently to see my vampire and his love reunited. I almost stamped my feet and grinded my teeth in frustration as I endured the separation and the growing love friendship between Bella and Jacob. But Jacob did have a nice body. Very nice.

After the movie, I updated him about the Voltarre and how each of their followers had gifts and talents such as the ability to read someone thoughts or to cause tremendous pain, and spoilspoiler that I am, I told him about the battle between the Cullens and the Voltarres and how Bella had an immense talent…. He smiled, “The writer’s smart, rehashing some old folklore and myths into a romantic story. And all these vampires with the talents…isn’t it similiar to X-Men or other comics-movie? Then how come you are not interested?”

I rolled my eyes. Isn’t it obvious? “Because they are ugly. And because they are not romantic!”

#1 Tip for Dating Couple: Guys, do take the effort to do something romantic for your partners (before they swoon over Edward Cullen openly)
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Celebrating the launch of! A new concept in online dating and tips!



Calling all concerned parents, colleagues, bosses, brothers, sisters, aunties and friends! GETTHEMDATES is a brand new concept in match making, empowering the individual to match your friends – for FREE!!

We are creating a community of matchmakers, to recapture the lost culture of communal match making and providing a platform for concerned parents, friends, siblings, colleagues and relatives to play an active role in referring and match making their loved single ones.

As part of the village of cupids, we can swap matchmaking tips, exchange stories, match profiles and update each other of the latest dating news!

 Leveraging on the power of community match-making and referrals, it combines the discreetness of meeting singles at your own convenience and time while enjoying the security and *verification that is usually offered only under personalized dating.

Gethemdates combines the best of online and offline dating worlds – you get to put up a profile of yourself or your single friends for free, you can search for matches using our proprietary matching system for yourself or for your friends, you rate the matches and indicate your interest level for the matches. If there is a mutual match, Ella our match-maker will call you for a  complimentary dating profile and make the arrangements for both of you to meet up!

For more information, kindly visit to find out more on how you can become a cupid or a single!

*Verification refers to the process which our getthemdates Hot members went through; their marital status have to be verified through the Registry of Marriage and their particulars checked and during a face to face personalized profiling session by our dating consultant.

*Dates arranged by Ella are only for Getthemdates Hot members who have signed up for a membership. Terms and conditions applied.

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