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An Eligible Single’s Journey (Genecia Luo) by Tuesday Report


Had an interesting night yesterday. The crew from Tuesday Report (星期二特写) was here at The Dating Loft for a shooting of a pre-arranged singles’ dinner for Inqueenz founder, Genecia Luo ( Started off really really late…we had scheduled it to start at 8pm and wrapped up by 10 plus but we left the office at nearly 1am!


Was quite a stressful time for us as we waited for everyoneto arrive! Most were late because of a massive jam on the highways, work etc…. and the worst thing is: 2 attendees could not turn up at the last minute! We had to pull in one of my girls and Sharon’s ‘good friend’ to help us out for the filming.

Garion, who had very kindly agreed to help us out that night, was the first to arrive at 750pm when the crew was setting up. Next came Steve who rushed down from work, however none of the gals were in sight. Genecia came rushing in at 830pm from a massive jam, while Ivy breezed in at almost 9pm after her singing class to do her make up in the office. Finally Adam arrived to make up the numbers together with Emily…oops…Tiffany.

Beth and I were the waitresses for the night. The girls and guys were a little awakard and nervous about meeting each other for the very first time….plus we had to repeat certain actions for the different camera shots. By the time dinner finally commenced at 930pm, almost everyone was groaning in hunger!


Ada, Beth, Sharon,  Tiffany, Genecia and Ivy


 Thank you all the babes and hunks for your help in making this possible! I really look forward to seeing this episode aired on channel 8 in early April. Watch this space for the latest news of the broadcast date!
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Beauty Queen Genecia shares her thoughts on dating with The Dating Loft


Beth and I are very fortunate and happy to be of help to Genecia Luo in her dating journey, from learning about her preferences, knowing her better as a person and personally selecting the dates for her and doing the reviews with her…..

During this process, we really find out what a down-to-earth person she is inside beneath all that glitz and glamour! She is definitely someone for keeps! – for the right person of course =P Apart from being tall and attractive, and having a really good stage presence (after all she’s Miss Universe Singapore 2nd runner up in 2006 and Miss World Singapore), she speaks well and is confident, intelligent and mature and of course down-to-earth!

Genecia is also a very driven entrepreneur, having set up her very own Training school for beauty queens (and kings). Find out more about her work as well as her proteges who have been winning the crowns at various international pageants at

At the end of the day, she is still an ordinary woman yearning to find a companion for life. He should be mature, independent, intelligent, supportive of what she is doing and gives her a shoulder to lean on if needed. Guys! If you thinks you fit the bill, drop us a short introduction of yourself at


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