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Dating Trivia 2: Top 5 types of GALS guys refused to meet for dates


Just finished up an informal survey of male members on their top nightmare dates, the kind of girls that sent them peeping at their watches for the first chance to take flight! Surprise! It’s NOT JUST the looks (well not for most males but for some really super superifical folks, yeah looks are everything.)

Top 5 Types of Nightmare dates (For the Guys & the Consultants):

1) The Complain Queen. She is the Queen of the Nightmare Queens. Complaining everything from the food to the service at the restaurant as well as bitching about her bad dates or her Dating Consultant, and the driver that cut her path…. It is as though the whole world is purposely against her, there is always something she can pick on. Geunine attempts to diverse her of her complaints typically do not work as she is caught up in her worldview that everyone or everything is aginst her. Sending off a whiney and negative vibe, her dates usually ended up with the guys silently counting down to the end of dinner, usually with a massive headache from all that negative energy.

2) The Nitpicker. Have you come across people who CANNOT appreciate or remember the good things but will always remember the bad or any hint of it? One guy revealed how a lady in her late 30s, smsed him after a blind date supposedly to thank him but the impression he got is she was nitpicking on the color of the napkins, temperature of the drink, done-ness of the food, and her “thank you for dinner intention” was eventually lost in translation. We have also came across members who nitpicked on the weight whether it is 56kg or 57kg, and whether the person’s name end with a “n” or “m” and overlooked the most important thing of all – Your Date and the communication with him/her.

3) The Cheapo. Guys generally do not like it if the girls purposely chose an expensive restaurant to “con” their dates into paying for them, because they are too cheap to pay it for the meals themselves. This also translates into members who would purposely condemn their dates to us, demanding for extra matches, while keeping in close contact with the dates they supposedly condemned as “Total mismatch! Absolutely Horrendous!”.

4) The High and Mighty. The super achievers who are caught in a dichtomy. They can achieve everything they want  to in their career and work but when it comes to romance, they resent the reality that they are facing – Got Money, Got Career, Got house/Car/Dog But No Man and now they have to come to us for help! Hence the complexes and as one guy puts it, “They think too highly of themselves and set themselves to fall by behaving in such a high and mighty manner! Demanded for so many things but have they taken a good look at themselves?” Apart from the usual demands on education level, income level, some have even specific requirements on height as well as looks when they themselves look their age.

5) The Needy. The girl who needs 20 smses or calls to confirm a  date or location, and needs assurance every tiny step of the way, with an almost compulsive need to confirm and reconfirm the number of toes on his left foot or the number of moles he has on his back. Might have a second date if the guy did not catch on immediately, but her flood of sms and/or calls after the first date will usually end it.

Here you have it! The Top 5 Nightmare Dates for Guys (and us!). Watch this space for more dating trivia such as The Top 5 Nightmare Dates for Girls!
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Happy Prosperous Lunar New year!


Here’s wishing all readers a Happy, Joyful and Prosperous Lunar New Year!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!



Loved this design by Spark – a combination of Love, Happiness and Prosperity!

Wishing all readers all this and more in the upcoming year! =)

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Dating Reality Check: If you want to ask for the Sky, do you possess the qualities required to be Cloud?


Am really happy when a 38-year old female member got together with a 34-year old male member recently….Both are really nice people and have been single for the longest time. Such news really warmed our hearts and motivate us at The Dating Loft to work even harder for our members! Because it is really not easy matching people, especially people of a certain age.

Truth is, when women reached a certain age (say above 35), the chances of them getting a partner lowers dramatically. Most of the couples we have successfully matched are in their mid 20s to mid 30s, with a majority concentration in late 20s group. It is not just that the female’s fertility rate drops by half when we reach 35 as compared to 30, or that our wrinkles (or other physical signs of aging) are more prounouced that makes it harder for us to match them. But it is the whole attitude and mentality towards dating and the expectations one have of your partner that widens the chasm between the success rate for the under 35s and above 35s.

At The Dating Loft, personally I have seen and interviewed many successful career women in their 30s, who have set certain unrealistic expectations for their potential dates. Some members in their mid 30s sometimes emailed us with their criteria, with the list growing longer each time of what kind of man we should be setting them up with. With criteria ranging from “Only MD level and above”, “Good complexion with no pockmarked face or pimple scars” and “Above a certain height and not more than a certain height” and earns “200k and above”, and these are ONLY brought up after we have done their profiles (with far more realistic expectations) and accepted them as members.

Another refuses to go on a date with a man who falls a few cm short of her ideal height, even though he fulfills a majority of her other criteria in religion and education and income level. And we are talking about a first date, and a first date is, I have always thought, is a FIRST TRY – a face-to-face meet up for both to assess the level of communication and interest in each other. By tightly adhering to whatever ideals you have in your mind, you have successfully eliminated 90% of the eligible men that you might possibly enjoyed dinner and conversation with.

Don’t me wrong, I am not saying you should “lower your standards” – which is what many women brought up. Yeah, you would rather remain single than just marrying anyone. But this is not about marrying just anyone. We are not asking you to marry any Tom, Dick or Harry, only to open your heart and mind and ask yourself: “Does a few cm difference in height makes for a huge fundamental difference in determining a man’s character and worth?” In cold practical terms, in asking for that MD or Director with certain earning power, looks and height, do you possess what it takes to “exchange” with your youth, beauty, talent and virtue?

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Dating tips: The Ugly Truth!


Nothing ground breaking here; not avant Garde cinema or oscar-worthy acting or direction, but it is entertainment with plenty of dating tips and the dos and don’ts. And of course plenty of eye candy. =P

Uptight TV producer girl can’t get a man, hates the guts of boy who gives brutually honest advice on love and sex on TV show. And loves forlicking with bikini-clad girls in jello pool. Girl needs boy’s help to snare her dream man but realises that she cannot be herself when with him….and boy and girl fell in love at the end.

Formulaic storyline, cliche even but it probably allows one to focus more on the scripting and acting, which  is where this movie truly shines.
Witty banter and a whole lot of sexual  innuendoes filled up most of the film. Sexual references abound but are written in such a tactful way that they do not come off as crass or crude. There is wit to the humor in this movie that utilities word puns and double meanings in their jokes to good effect!

Mike: [From red band clip] You’re all about comfort and efficiency!
Abby Richter: What’s wrong with comfort and efficiency?
Mike: Well nothing, except no one wants to fuck it.

Abby Richter: My cat stepped on the remote.
Mike: Well, be sure to thank your pussy for me.

The characters and situations are written in such a way that anyone could easily identify with them, which lends to a greater emotional involvement in the film.

There is also undeniable chemistry between the leads. Special mention goes to Gerald Butler who proves to be an exceedingly versatile actor. Remembered him in 300? All that 8 packs and hard muscles?  He nails the carefree, in-your-face, yet internally bitter character of Mike Chadway to the point that it is easy to forget the actor playing the role and just become so involved with character himself. Katherine Heigl does a satisfying job as Abby, lending both her acting chops and eye candy (check out that booty and blonde hair!) to the lead role.

A suprisingly enjoyable movie. Have watched too many romantic comedies that are like warm expired coke – no frizz and full of artificial sugar, and it leaves you wanting none of that stuff again.

Check the official The Ugly Truth Website and there is a quite a fun application to play! You can choose which type of guys you’d like to date and Abby and Mike will give you advice and the outcome will depends on whose advice you took! hahahah! A good way to pass some time….


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