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We’ve got Goodies at The Dating Loft!



For the past few days, the girls at The Dating Loft have been stuffing ourselves silly with the goodies we have been receiving from members! On Monday, we received chocolate biscuits from a really sweet member who went to Japan for Holiday and remembered us!

On Tuesday, a really cute member brought us almond cookies and some really yummy almond pastry from Hong Kong! It was almost totally wiped out. And yesterday, we received a BIG hamper of goodies from a member who dedicated it to Sharon! We didn’t care if it’s addressed to her, we just happily dissembled the whole package and devour the goodies. My favourite is the Almond Roca!

Thank you all for the yummy goodies. We truly appreciate it! One Great Dating Tip to be learnt: Bringing a little gift (chocolate or flowers) will brighten up your date’s day and warmed him/her to you!

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