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Singaporean Men LEAST willing to spend on their partners?


Today is interview DAY! I received two calls from two reporters from The New Paper, and Lian He Zao Bao respectively. The TNP reporter asked for my comments on whether I think the Average Joes or the Hunks has the advantage when it comes to dating. Apparently an article which appeared on last sunday New Paper, showed that the Plain Janes beat the Hot Babes in dating!
Apparently Hot babes are used to attention from men since young, and thus have set up HIGH expectations of guys in dating and relationship while Plain Janes are more down to earth and realistic in their expectations, and do not expect the guys to worship at their feet; bring flowers each time, surprise them with lavish gifts etc.
Arh! Well I think I’m a babe, and i definitely do not set up unrealistic expectations for my guy. =P
Another interesting survey was revealed by the Lian He Zao Bao reporter, who said that Singaorean men was ranked the LEAST willing to spend on their love partners, followed by Hong Kong men, out of a survey of 9 Asian cities.
She asked me whether I have observed such behaviour from the local men when in dating. I honestly think this has nothing to do with Singaporean men (well, at least the majority of them) being more “stingy” but more because of the “equality” of the sexes.
Interestingly Singapore and Hong Kong are the most “developed” of all the 9 cities surveyed, and the socio-economic status of women are the highest. The income disparity between working men and women are the least among the 9 cities surveyed. With local women earning their own money and having similiar levels of purchasing power, local men probably didn’t feel the need to “buy” love and admiration from the women to augment their roles as “providers” and “protectors”, while the women lowered their expectations of having their men pay for things for them.
However, a word for advice for men: if you can no longer bank on your earning power to “hunt”, it is time to cultivate other essential “attraction” skills which is much admired by women all over – the art of communicating meaningfully, art of listening intently, and the ability to share the fruits of a well-read and well-used brain.
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